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"Good evening, sir," replied Xian Li Skelch, believing Garren Shain/Ath Zellow to be some sort of reporter, courier, or official correspondent for the Republic. His voice was not unkind, very official and businesslike. It suited a politician well, lacking the glibness and folksy trill that his wife, Plina, was famous for. "About what do you wish to speak? If the topic is a short one, let us retire to the Atrium for a few drinks. If not, I invite you to discuss it over dinner."


Perdante lay on the metal cot in the ship's medbay, wondering how such a massive and yet antiquated ship could have such state-of-the-art facilities. A medical droid, programmed to sound and behave in a female manner, attended to her. The droid's name was Ona, meaning "she".

"Pulse rate: normal. Blood pressure: normal. Height and weight: normal. Body temperature: Slightly abnormal, possibly due to your basal body temperature rising." This confirmed what Perdante had suspected: it was her "time". However, she did not want to dismiss Niera's concerns. "Reverify."

"Reverifying: Signs of irradiation due to unknown metal are present. This has been well-treated, but not completely eradicated. Further treatment is duly recommended, although I do not have nearly the expertise to do so here. Suggestion: Visit the nearest medical facility, with organic doctors."

Perdante shook her head. "We have more important things to do. I'll pass."

"Thank you, Jedi Knight Dareva." Perdante left the medbay, satisfied.
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