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"I do," replied Xian Li Skelch gravely. "I would tell you to get out of my sight and have my security detail escort you off the grounds of my estate, but I'm sick of lies. I'm sick of hiding the truth, and of how I acquired my present position. My wife's family is incredibly wealthy, with stock in such companies as the Vector Space Emporium and Miracle Metals, Conglomerated. After I was done with my tours of duty for the Republic, I wanted to go to a prestigious law school. However, I had not the ability to finance my own education. Nor did the General Infantry Fund that your compatriots had so generously established. I was lost. I didn't want to end up as a waiter...

"Luckily--or, not so luckily right now--someone found me: one Plina Arasen. She was the daughter of CEO Erik Arasen, founder of Trillium Metallurgy. We fell in love, and Plina said that as long as I loved her, she would finance any endeavor I wished to pursue. Even though I highly resented this, being male, I accepted. We all need help sometimes, even from the unlikeliest sources.

"When I married Plina, I promised not to compete directly against her for any political positions she wished to acquire. Thus, I can make no move. My hands are utterly tied, sir. She is in the running for the Coruscanti election. If I betray her now, I'll lose my dearest love, along with any campaign financing. By the way, Trillium Metallurgy is in no way a producer of this 'ostanovium'. I'd suspect the Vector Space Emporium and Miracle Metals, first and foremost."

He paused. "You didn't hear that from me. If this gets out, I'll be ruined."
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