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When Melany reappeared on the Bridge, it wasn't Fara that answered her question, but the Twins. They both hopped out of their chairs and appeared in front of her, both grinning like idiots, bent so that their faces were at eye-level and close to hers. "You could entertain us!"

"Sal, Mica, don't scare the passengers, please." Fara stood at that point and crossed to them, her hands folded militarily behind her back. "I don't really have anything for you to do at this point...and Mica, seeing as we have no immediate communication needs, you can be dismissed. Sal, sit down." The navigation man pouted in an exaggerated fashion and slumped off back to his seat. "If you can handle this one, Melany, you can feel free to babysit this one." Mica winked at the civilian.

When Salvatore had found his brother at twenty-minutes passed, he had been standing outside the restroom in the midst of a personal victory dance. It was evident that the space pilot had some interest in him, and that was enough to make him want to hang about her even more. Needless to say, he liked the idea of having her as a babysitter.

But if Melany went off with Mica, that meant that there was no one to get the popsicle Perdante had been asking for. When the Jedi woman followed the medical team down to the medlab when they came to fetch Caboose, Fara decided that she might as well meet her with the treat. When the medbay doors opened, Fara stood waiting.

"Perdante," she greeted, handing over the popsicle. "What was the diagnosis?"
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