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Perdante took the frozen fruitstick, the strawberry "popsicle", and smiled. "Thank you, Captain," she replied. "This will certainly help my symptoms! I was promptly diagnosed by Ona, the helpful nurse droid in our medical bay. She confirmed that my body temperature is rising, but 'basally', as she put it. That means it might be my 'time of the month', and I'm having heat flashes. Yet..."

She took a deep breath. Jedi Knights don't lie, and I won't lie to the Captain.

"Back on Coruscant, when I was trying to help the Jedi infiltrate the Gathering Place of the Found, I surrendered myself to the cult's leader, Seeker Adeline. I was serving as a diversion so the rest of the team could carry out our attack in relative secrecy. As it was, I was bound fast to a metal chair called the Throne of Gain and irradiated with a metal called ostanovium in order to make me lose my Force powers. The cult called it 'Gain through Loss'." Perdy snorted. "As for me, I was treated at a medical facility after the battle was over, but it seems as if the ostanovium irradiation permeated through to my deepest organic tissues. I'm suffering minor side effects from that. So said Ona." She smiled, and, unwittingly, touched the Captain's arm. She froze.

"I apologize, Captain," she said quickly. "My symptoms are naught to worry about. They won't interfere with our mission. My heat flash was over as fast as you can blink."
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