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The thrill of battle was exciting Zen. The feeling of facing an opponent unsure of who the victor would be. The sound his weapon made when it clashed against another. It was in that moment of excitement that Zen had forgotten this was merely a sparring match. He too heard the cracking of something from Juhani, but he also felt it. He eased up on his attack and was ready to call off the match when she knocked his sword up and leaped into the air. He was amazed at her determination to continue and had almost forgotten the fight was still on. He felt the saber by his neck and couldn't help but chuckle.

"I think we should call it a draw." She gasped as the sweat rolled off of her. "I think You managed to break something and I managed to get my lightsaber past your guard."

"I believe it is a draw indeed, but what do you mean you got past my guard?" he said with a smirk.

His right arm was crossed over his stomach. He had loosened his grip just enough to have the blade deactivate. The now bare handle was just a few inches from Juhani's stomach.

"You are a worthy opponet Zen."

"As are you Jedi Knight Juhani," he said returning the bow. "I can escort you to the nearest medical facility if you require my assistance."
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