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Alvaro noticed both Nathaniel and Blaze had boarded his ship. What the hell are they doing? Are they trying to steal my ship? Alvaro then noticed some British authorities were firing at Blaze and company. Little maggot, he's going to destroy my ship! With that, Alvaro got into a row boat and paddled as fast as he could toward his ship, boarded it rather hastily, and loaded his pistol and fired at one of the British soldiers.

"Next time, wait for me!" Alvaro fumed at Blaze. "Hoist the sail and get ready to make a get-away!"

Once the ship made a rather hasty get-away from Port Royal, Alvaro looked at the main people he had recruited - Clarke, El Muerto, Blaze, and Nathaniel Hawk.

"Come with me into my cabin, I want to explain why I recruited you guys."

Alvaro made sure that there were no eavesdroppers on the cabin, and then locked the door.

"You may or may not have heard about an Amulet, a treasure that is said to give the user near immoratality, and may have been built by the Atlanteans. This Amulet, however, is hidden away in a temple on an uncharted island. To get to this island, we need to obtain a map. There are only less than five copies of this map in existence, at least one of which has been scattered into different pieces. But, once we find the map, we still need the nine gems that attach to the Amulet, of which only very powerful individuals possess the gems. Once we find the gems and the map, we can get the treasure. Any questions?"

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