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From what I've seen in various TOR clips, Bioware decided not to be original in this regard as they were in KoTOR 1.
Maybe for the consulars, but when it come to the jedi knights, it's just a reskin of the jedi generals in the clone wars...
And also, in TSL, the jedi master robes, etc had a different model, and looked different that the robes in the movies.

And that for me is a big problem, because in TOR, there are not only the jedi, the republic troopers, just look as a new clone variant (it could have perfectly fit into battlefront 2), the sith troopers, they look as a mix of the clone troopers, and Darth Vader.

The Bounty Hunters with the Helmet, looks as a merge of a movie style mandalorian, with the kotor War droids.

etc etc...

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