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Originally Posted by igyman View Post
If you are willing to give that money, if you are sure one game will keep you interested for that long and if you are willing to postpone or completely forgo buying any other games during that year.
Meh if I get bored, I stop paying the monthly fee. so technically if I payed 60 for the game, and played for 2 months, I got 8 games for $75. Even more of a bargain.

Originally Posted by igyman View Post
Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully you'll turn out to be right about this one.
Oh I don't pretend that I know for a fact. It's entirely possible that Bioware is just relabeling the "kill 10 rats" "Kill 10 Acklays"

Originally Posted by igyman View Post
Heh, WoW was also supposed to be a story-driven MMO, but the question is how interesting will that story be. It doesn't have to be grand, or epic, but it does have to be interesting.
Mah. Bioware is known for their stories. Blizzard stories... I think most of those were in cut scenes. We'll have to see when it comes out. There may be more story than ever before in an MMO. There could be lasting effects. For instance, we have no idea what other repercussions there might be for killing the Captain.

Originally Posted by igyman View Post
If you take a look at KoTOR 1, the Jedi clothing was completely different from what we saw in the movies, but in KoTOR 2 which happened only a few years later, the Jedi are wearing robes that are visually identical to those from the movies. From what I've seen in various TOR clips, Bioware decided not to be original in this regard as they were in KoTOR 1.
Well looking at the few shots of clothing, we have some Jedi fashion changes. And honestly... the armor on Jedi is different anyway.

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