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Zen was once again impressed by Juhani's actions. Had she not been a Cathar Jedi he would have thought her to be Sangheili as well. Now that he had calmed down and the match was over he wanted to seek out the Captain to see if he could give her any useful information being a former found member. He walked around the ship with a bit more pride in his step this time.

He would have not found the Captain or Perdante had it not been for the very same blue armored man who took him over the top. The man seemed very childish in nature which confused Zen but perhaps it was just a defensive guard the man put up. He chuckled a bit when the blue man said something about shooting himself in the foot.

"Or perhaps the big scary alien had something to do with it," Zen responded in a joyful tone. "You have nothing to fear from me, we are allies which means I will fight along side you no matter how much I scare you."

He gave Caboose a slight nod before making his way over to Perdante and the Captain. The two seemed uneasy about something, he could tell by their facial expressions. Being around humans so much with the Found Zen developed a talent for picking those sorts of things out.

"Former Sith Perdante, Captain Starr," he said bowing at the latter's name as a sign of respect. "I hope I'm not intruding on anything but I wanted to know if I could help in anyway." He stared at Perdante for a few seconds before bringing up something else. "Forgive me for bringing this up but has something happened?"


The sweet taste of freedom could only last for so long in the eye's of a former criminal. He knew all too well that if he walked into that building, Admiral Carth would have him executed. That's why he was waiting to see who exactly was leaving and see if he could join them. Finally when he did spot Meta he approached him casually, until he saw the Admiral up ahead.

"Hey there Meta old buddy, um I was just wondering where you were going and if I could join you? Please, please please, I'll promise not to kill too many people!
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