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((Perdy and Carth are back in the building after a great July 4th weekend! ))


"I wouldn't miss this mission even if someone paid me ten million credits, Captain Starr," Perdante replied resolutely. "The Found are a threat to everyone in this galaxy, not just those who use the Force actively as we Jedi and the Sith do. We are keepers of the peace, yes, but not so very long ago...have shown us, in order to keep the peace, sometimes we must prepare for war." She was thinking of the redeemed Darth Revan and the Jedi Exile, who had, each in their time and their turn, influenced the course of galactic history forever. Who knew what might have happened had Revan not destroyed the Star Forge, or if the Exile had not given the order to tear Malachor V asunder? No one could predict the future, but no one could change or revisit the past, either. That was the way and will of the Force.

"I'm willing to give my life again, if I must," she said. "However, if you believe that it might be too dangerous for me to go and find Khristoff--and be exposed to more ostanovium--then you can drop me on the nearest civilized world, Captain."

Her eyes were sad. What could she do if Captain Starr decided to do THAT? Absolutely nothing. She wanted to 'find the Found' just as badly as everybody else on the Millennial did, fever or no fever. How could she influence the course of galactic history if she were dumped on some planet and left to fend for herself? She would make a difference on this mission, even if she died--!

She turned to Zen. "I have only a slight temperature, nothing more," she announced, completely forgetting that Zen had been within hearing range of her and the Captain!

The hilarious thought of the bumbling, babbling Caboose suddenly popped into her mind. What in space HAD he been talking about. Who was this "Church"? Perhaps the "Red" and "Blue" armies were the Sith and the Jedi, but Caboose appeared to be absolutely neither.

Perdante shook her head. "I must be a bit delirious. I need my strawberry popsicle now."


"I trust him, and yet I don't trust him," murmured Admiral Carth Onasi to Atton Rand and Meta the Versewalker. "Xian Li sounds sincere enough, but let us not forget that he's a politician and that's his job. I think we ought to keep tabs on Mr. Skelch as well as his illustrious wife, but how? If push comes to shove, we might have to assassinate one or both of them." He sighed. "I don't like ordering hits. I'm not an organized crime boss. I'm the Admiral of the Galactic Republic, not some criminal on Nar Shaddaa! However, this may turn out to be a more serious political situation than we ever thought it would be. Atton? Meta?" Carth asked. "You're my allies. What would you do?"

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