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"Long had my life been intertwined with the Exile, just as your life was with the one who was Revan. I had always been able to feel her and through my visions, I was able to feel at peace. But these feelings of peace have faded away slowly but surely, at a steady pace. I have not succeeded in feeling her presence anymore, it has aroused in me a frustration I had not felt since the days when I served Nihilus", Visas said as she stood up and faced Juhani for the first time. "Tell me, have you had any visions of your friend? The one the Exile went to find?"

Visas was one to not let her emotions be seen but her worry was clearly present in her voice. She had vowed to serve the Exile until her last breath even going as far as to sacrifice herself for her. But she was long gone. And out of her reach.And this, was something Visas could not help but feel sorrow and loneliness.

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