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"Tell me, have you had any visions of your friend? The one the Exile went to find?"

Juhani sighed as she sat down on one of the beds.

"At first I thought that they were simply to busy fighting whatever threat that went to fight against to contact us...but now I'm not sure. Over the past month I have been having...visions or dreams, whichever you prefer. But in them I always see the same thing: A robed man fighting against robed figures with a woman in jedi robes at his side. Eventually they are overwhelmed by their opponets and taken prisoner and then tortured."

She sighed again.

"I think that it's them Visas. I think that they ran into a threat that they simply couldn't fight and were taken prisoner. It's one of the reasons I joined this mission. If they are in trouble and if we have the slightest chance of finding them...then I'm willing to look for them. No matter where they are."
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