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Originally Posted by Landmaster13 View Post
I voted for Escape from Theed as my favorite level only because it is the one I am most familiar with.
I would vote for Escape from Theed if you hadn't the Queen always complaning at you:
"You are stepping on my dress."
"I never thought a Jedi could be so rude."

But that's not all. The worst is when she gets stuck or when she rushes to some battle droids or destroyer droids and gets eventually killed.

She alone takes nearly all the enjoyment of the level. (Which is one of the best, visually speaking.)

Originally Posted by Landmaster13 View Post
I can't argue with anyone who thinks that Mos Espa is a good level, as, quite simply, it is. It comes a close second in my opinion, but only because if you killed enough people in the town then infinite thermal detonators will begin to spawn at certain locations. Not all at once, mind you. Everyone could be dead, but those blasted thermal detonators...(get it? Blasted....thermal detonators?.....yeah.)
From what I recall, there are only two locations on that map where thermal detonators spawn.

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