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Originally Posted by Seikan View Post
Well, an other think that seems to ignore TSL, are the Mandalorians. In TSL Mandalore supposedly unite the Mandalorians, under Revan's orders, to help the republic against the Siths, and in Tor, the mandalorians are united with the Siths, I know 300 years have passed, but well, The Ordo's clan, who help against Nihilus etc, etc, would have keep some idéologies of Mandalore, and would have become allies of the Siths just like this.
Bah, the only reason the Mandalorians would fight the Sith is because they are "worthy opponents" and the Republic was in the crapper as of TSL, and therefore not worthy enough to attack (Clan Ordo was pretty small by then, anyway). They'd just as soon fight the Republic as the Sith.

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