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Suddenly, Perdante sensed that her Master, even though Juhani did not yet bear that official title, was deeply troubled. "Excuse me," she told Captain Starr and Zen, finishing off the last of her popsicle and discarding the stick in the nearest waste receptacle. "I think Juhani wants to see me." Truly, she did not consider it a lie--or, at least, not a malicious one. If Juhani was as worried as she seemed through the Force, Perdy thought it best not to alarm the Captain or the Sangheili. Besides, she was Juhani's student.

Sensing the Cathar in the medbay, Perdante was shocked and surprised to find someone ELSE--in fact, TWO "someone elses"--in there with her. One she recognized: Niera, the azure Twi'lek smuggler. The other? A veiled enigma...

"Excuse me?" Perdante tried to conceal her shock. "Juhani? Are you all right?" Backing up, she kept a wary eye on Niera and the enigma--a tall female.


Xian Li Skelch, rattled by the day's events and the questioning by Admiral Onasi and his comrades, tried to take a stroll through his favorite meditation gardens. However, his thoughts were all a frenzied jumble in his mind. Torn between his sincere love for his wife and his concern for justice and integrity, he honestly did not know what to do now. If he told Plina about what he suspected the Admiral knew and might do, she might take steps against Onasi: drastic steps, criminal steps. On the other hand, why would she do that? She would no doubt lose her seat in the Senate--and perhaps her freedom! Still, was it worth the risk to "go with his gut" and "rat" on her?

He heard a soft voice nearby: "Hello, Xian-san. It is good to see you."

"Plina!" With all doubts wiped clear from his mind, he flew into her arms. "How was your day, my love?" Xian Li nuzzled her nose and stroked her long hair.

"Politics as usual. Elections are hard to campaign for, much less win. Yours?"

"It was fine," her husband replied, trying to conceal the worry in his tone.

"Excellent. Is dinner ready?" Plina seemed not to have noticed it--or cared...

As they went inside to eat, Xian Li reflected: I just lied to my wife.

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