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"I see...", Visas said and crosse her arms. "I had feared this would happen. But no matter how much I pleaded to her not to go alone, she ignored my plights".

Visas stepped to a side to call for the medical droid which promptly made his entrance.

"I also decided to come along in this mission because I was sure I would be able to find clues as to their whereabouts. I am sorry I took so long to join the order and then leave without as much as a word. But I had to keep searching. I owe my life to the exile, and I must find her whatever the cost", Visas said and walked over to Juhani.

"I do not feel you have sustained damage that won't heal quickly. Perhaps if you spend a few hours in trance you might be able to speed up the healing process in your body. Being a Jedi does have benefits", Visas said.

As she said this she saw another young woman enter the room. Visas could feel the force strongly flowing through the young woman. She tended to Juhani but Visas could tell the young woman was looking at her probably a bit puzzled as to who she was. But Visas was more concerned with Juhani than with introductions.

"She has sustained injury but nothing too serious that her powers can't cure", Visas said.

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