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"I don't think they went after the Found."

Juhani turned to look at the Twi'lek and frowned. "I am convicned that the found are somehow involved in Revan and the Exile's disappearance. For all we know they ran into the found and were unprepared for them."

"I also decided to come along in this mission because I was sure I would be able to find clues as to their whereabouts. I am sorry I took so long to join the order and then leave without as much as a word. But I had to keep searching. I owe my life to the exile, and I must find her whatever the cost."

"I know what you mean." Juhani said quietly as she watched Perdante walk into the room. "Revan brought me from the darkside and back toward the light. I owe my life to him as you owe your life to the Exile. I won't stop searching until I find him."

"Juhani? Are you all right?"

"I am fine." Juhani said. "I broke somethng while sparring with Zen. I was just about to go into a healing trance actually."

She caught Perdante keeping a watchful eye on Visas. "Perdante, this is Visas marr, a former member of the jedi order. Visas, this is Perdante, shes my new apprentice."
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