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"I see through the force, miss Perdante. It is a trait common with my race, the Miraluka. We are blind, but our strong affinity to the force allows us to see the world through it's eyes", Visas said and turned to Juhani.

"Her presence in the force is strong. I can tell by her aura, the promise she holds", Visas said. "As Juhani said, I am Visas Marr. I was a former member of the Jedi Order like Juhani said and I am searching for the one who was called the Exile, she is with Revan, somewhere in the Unknown Regions of space".

Visas then paused to look at Juhani.

"I would suggest you get on your trance, for that I shall take my leave", Visas said as she headed for the door.

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