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Originally Posted by Seikan View Post
Except that the Mandalorian have a strange and HUGE "sense of Honor", so if there is something they care about is loyalty, if the clan Ordo by "Mandalore The Preserver" learn them some degree of loyalty towards the republic, they wouldn't betray it.
Hows Mandalore loyal to the Republic? He's not and from the mess that is the Proton Cores on the Ravager, they Mando's were upto something shady there. Regardless all Canderous promised Revan was to rebuild the clans, he didn't promise anything with regards loyalty to the Republic.

Mandalorian "honour" is also a huge joke, the Mandalorians aren't honourable in the sense of what the word actually means, you could just as easily say Mandalorian Pride or Mandalorian Folly and haven a much more realistic statement of their "honour" system.

Originally Posted by Seikan View Post
So it does ignore a little bit the fact that Canderous was uniting the mandalorian clans, to help the republic.
He was told to unite the Mandalorian Clans, he wasn't told to help the Republic... Just strengthen the clans...

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