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"Hold on a moment. I checked the ship's manifest, and there's no mention of a 'Visas Marr'. You don't look like a member of the crew, and if the Republic had hired you for this job, we'd have met already. I should report you to the Captain!"

Juhani glared at the Twi'lek and her hand went down to her lightsaber. She trusted Visas more then she trusted the Twi'lek smuggler.

"I am the Grand master of the Jedi Order and this woman is now under my protection." She told the twi'lek. "This woman was at one point a member of the Jedi Order and thus will be treated with the respect she deserves."

"But you've impressed me. There's room in my quarters if you need to hide from security."

Juhani's eyes blazed with rage as she managed to catch that small bit of Niera's words. Her lightsaber lept to her hand and she visibly struggled not to ignite it.

"Apprentice..." She growled. "I would advise you to leave the room now. I am going to have a discussion with the Twi'lek."
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