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Perdante Dareva could feel the intense rage and disappointment rolling off of Captain Starr in waves through the Force. Rage because a stowaway had been aboard the Millennial for who knows how long, and disappointment because said stowaway had not been located earlier--or reported to her for due processing and/or prosecution. One thing was clear, however: Visas Marr was about to take a long walk out the airlock if she, Perdante, didn't do something fast! A woman that angry was not to be trifled with.

That was why the Jedi Knight flicked two buttons near her waist, and two silver lightsabers ignited. "Check" and "Mate", she called them.

She crossed the shimmering blades in front of her chest. "I will not attack you outright," she told Captain Starr, "but if Visas Marr is harmed, stowaway or not, I will have no choice. Shall I make the first move, Captain?" Perdante took a step in front of Visas.
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