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When the Captain had turned to follow Perdante, Zen had guessed it was much more than a fever. He motioned Caboose to follow him as he walked after the Captain. Zen looked to see what was going on when the Captain did stop moving. Some woman was speaking with Juhnai and Niera. It seemed Juhani was bickering with Niera and now the Captain was getting involved. This woman was a stowaway apparently and the Captain seemed displeased. Suddenly Perdante activated her lightsabers and pointed them at the Captain. Zen shook his head in bewilderment and stepped into the dilemma to serve as the voice of reason. He had his hand on his energy sword but he would dare not draw it. Drawing a sword meant he had to use it in his culture. Zen stepped in between the Captain and Perdante to prevent any physical contact between the two.

"Sisters, do not point your weapons and one another. We are all here to fight the Found not one another. Former Sith Perdante put your blades away, is it not the Jedi way to find a peaceful situation rather than violence?" he looked over at Captain Starr. "Captain, Jedi Knight Juhani knows this woman so I trust her in trusting this woman."

Zen stepped away from where he was and looked over at Juhani, Niera, and the woman called Visas.

"If we are too succeed in this mission then we must start acting as a unit. This bickering will only lead us to failure and I will not fail. I do agree with the Captain in that we should find out why Visas is aboard the ship, before any of us does something we'll regret."
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