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Originally Posted by Te Darasuum Mandalor View Post
Do you mind if my friend joins the rp?
((If he wants to join, then he should simply post in the Casting Call. Anyone can join at any time. And if he wants to join, then I expect him to ask it to me from himself, and not through somebody else. And please put (( )) for out of character conversations. For future reference, try not to make enemies come out of the blue. It's rather disruptive when your character is trying to explain something. Please. Be. Patient!!!))


" Sir, three English sloops twelve guns on each, closing in fast!"

Alvaro sighed. Seemed like he would have to wait for his crew members to finish their questions. He ran up on to the deck. There were three ships closing in, one of which was slightly whead of the others. Alvaro at first thought they could engage the ships in combat, but then decided it was better to outrun them, and possibly lure one of the ships away from the group.

"Make sure the wind is directly behind us! I do not want to engage all three ships!" Alvaro yelled to the crew. Although he believed that having a skirmish would give the crew some experience, Alvaro was smart enough to know there would be no experience if they all died in one battle.

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