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Visas was a little worried about what she had started. The crew members were already bickering because of her. But she wasn't to let things escalate, she had learned from the Exile to do the right thing, even when she had nothing to gain, and she wasn't about to let Juhani or her apprentice take a fall for her. Visas then placed a hand on both Juhani and Perdante's shoulders.

"I will go with the Captain, it is only right that I give her an explanation for my presence aboard her ship. I was planning on doing this in the first place. I just wanted a chance to speak with Juhani in case the situation turned for the worst. I doubt I will come to harm, though physically blind, I'm able to see everyone present in this room with the force. I am perfectly capable of defending myself. I thank you for your efforts miss Perdante, Master Juhani".

She moved closer to Captain Starr.

"I will come quietly, I have no intentions of starting an uproar with your crew but know this, should I feel an intent of aggression, I shall respond accordingly", Visas said to Captain Starr.

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