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Fara's eyes widened in disbelief; two Jedi, with three sabers between them, were rebelling against her. As Perdante moved to stand in front of the Miraluka, the captain's eyes became two little slits of rage - a rage the kept the hurt she felt at the betrayal hidden behind it. "So it is to be a mutiny, then." She said lowly, eyes flashing at Perdante.

The human staff of the medical wing stood demurely to the sides of the room, watching silently. The security droids marched and hovered nearer, blasters trained on those who fell into the category of 'armed agressors'. They were waiting on the orders of the captain to engage, and they very well might have been given those orders, had the Miraluka not spoken up.

Had Fara had any intention of hurting the woman, they disappeared under her cooperation. "Then I trust that you will give no trouble to my droids as they escourt you to the brig." She had a surprisingly friendly tone underlying the authoritative words, but as the stowaway passed by, that good cheer quickly evaporated. Fara stood and looked at the two Jedi, a look of disgust now inhabiting her face.

"I fought side by side with Jedi in two wars," she said, her voice seething with venom, "And I don't know what either of you are, but you are most certainly not Jedi." And with that, she turned on her heel and left, following the Miraluka and her escourt.
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