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Perdante's jaw fell slack. "Mutiny?" she gasped. As Captain Starr and Visas left for the brig, she mumbled to Juhani, "That is not at all what I intended! I simply felt the Captain's aggression rolling off of her in waves, and it frightened me immensely. The Jedi teachings are correct: fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. I did not control my emotions at that moment, seeking armed conflict instead of a peaceful resolution, as Soldier Zen suggested. I will follow Visas, the Captain, and their escort to the brig and beg pardon. If that doesn't work, then all is lost. Once again, Juhani, I have lost..." In a sign of humility, she unbound her hair.

When they all reached the lowest level of the Millennial, Perdante knelt down before the Captain as Visas Marr was led into a cell by the security droids. "Captain Starr," she began softly, "I implore you to forgive me for my aggression and insubordination earlier. It was a foolish and most likely fatal mistake on my part. If you wish to discontinue me from this mission, you may do so. I have utterly forgotten my place aboard this ship, thinking myself your superior due to my powers. You are right, Captain. I am not a true Jedi."


An administrative assistant droid was there to welcome Garren Shain as he stepped into the front offices of the Miracle Metals corporate building. One would imagine that such a building would be streamlined, noiseless, tall, and ergonomically designed and beautiful. Instead, it looked and sounded just like any other factory would--if, indeed, that factory were not at the peak of its technological capabilities. Miracle Metals was indeed a relic from the "bad old days", as some people called them, but the metal products it produced were truly miraculous. Most high-end medical equipment came from their center...

"Welcome to Miracle Metals, sir," said the droid. "How may I assist you?"

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