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Juhani watched as the captain left, making sure to keep Visas in sight as they walked her toward the brig. Juhani was trying to take deep breaths to calm herself down but it wasn't working. She could feel the darkside tearing away at her peace of mind.

Who...does that woman think she is?! I never tried to hide Visas away from the captain. That cursed twi'lek was the one who suggested it. All I did was say that Visas was under my protection...She came in at the wrong moment.

She stood still in the hallway as she visibly struggled not to ignite her lightsaber. That would set off quite a few alarms and right now she didn't want to draw any attention to herself.

She walked directly toward the captain and whispered in her ear. "Before you start accusing people of sheltering stowaways, you might wish to talk the twi'lek. She suggested that Visas hide in her quarters." Juhani hissed as she walked past and went to her quarters, making sure that the door was locked behind her. She sat down on her bed and attempted to begin her meditation but she was too angry to focus.
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