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"Oh, and Katsu, good luck out there."

Katsu didn't respond. There was always the possible issue that the enemy had actually broken through the communication lines between the battle suits. Best to stay quiet.

The battle suit with the high energy readings ran directly at him and stopped infront of him and stood completley still. But as Katsu looked it over he realized that it was powering up it's weapons systems.

katsu quickly activated his enery sword and stepped into a battle stance.

"Same old Katsu. Never the one to make the first move." A mechanical voice commented from inside the battle suit. The voice was being broadcast over a speaker next to the head.

That sounds so familiar. It can't possibly be him. What are the chances that we would run into him on our first mission?

"What's the matter Katsu? Are you afraid? You should be afraid." The mechanical voice began laughing hysterically. looks like I finally found you. Katsu thought darkly as Torv's battle suit charged.
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