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“Boredom!” Jedi Padawan Arai Elan sang softly to her good friend, Padawan Dominic Travesty. She grinned at him and nodded subtly to where their masters were in intense discussions with some random Selkath. They’d been fully introduced to the young padawans, but Arai hadn’t cared enough to remember.

“Dom,” she whispered to him. “Are you as bored as I am?”

His head rolled on his neck to exaggerate his eyeroll. "Force yes..."

There was that sparkle in Arai’s eyes, the one that said she was scheming up something. But all she said was, “Sure is wet around here…”

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow - but he understood a second after his gaze caught hers. His eyes picked up that same sparkle. "It sure is...I'm sure the Masters would positively hate getting wet..."

Arai nodded. “Alright,” she said, ever the planner. “There’s one way to do this that they’ll be certain it was us and there’s at least seven ways they’ll… actually, they’ll just be certain it was us, but the straightforward approach, a simple Force shove is too bland. It’s gotta make a splash.” She giggled. “Pun totally intended.”

"Hmm..." he surveyed the area...and quickly saw that this was their lucky day. "Look - the boardwalk is under construction. The scaffolding--"

Arai's eyes sparkled in silent laughter and she glanced toward their masters and the Selkath. An element of urgency entered her expression. "Quickly, Dom! Their meeting is almost over."

Dominic slid to his feet and moved quickly, staying low and silent as he and Arai crossed to the scaffolding. He didn't dare use the Force - his master would surely sense it - so this would have to be done by hand...not to mention, he needed to get close enough to examine the scaffolding in order to know how to loosen it.

The metal piping that made up the make-shift boardwalk was supported by two durasteel rods that stood out from the side of the sea wall; the platform above those rods stuck directly out over open water. Skimming across the edge of the walkway that was currently under construction - an easy task, considering the team assigned to it had apparently taken a break elsewhere - and left the side closest to their previous position to Arai. He bent over the edge of the sea wall to look at the mechanism. It was a swinging joint, held tightly in position by a simple bolt. Looking to Arai, he silently made a twisting motion, indicating that she should simply loosen the bolt. He knew that if the platform had weight on it - say, the weight of two masters and their Selkath companions - and nothing to support it, then it would tip very quickly to a very precarious angle...

Arai glanced swiftly back the way they'd come and twisted the bolt loose. With a quick thumbs-up gesture to Dom, she hurried back the way they'd come. She and Dom reentered the meeting room just as their masters were bowing to conclude the meeting. She grinned to Dom, winked, and then put on the solemn expression expected of Jedi Padawans.

He did the same, folding his arms into the wide arms of his outer robe. His face was solemn, expressionless, his eyes keen and dutifully observant. When the masters indicated for them to follow, he nodded with a "yes, Master," and followed obediently. Of course, he was careful enough to stay several steps behind the Selkath so that when the walkway gave way, dumping five flailing bodies into the endless sea of Manaan, he was safely away.

As the masters and their Selkath friends tumbled into the sea, Arai laughed and wrapped her arms around Dominic. "Have I told you today how brilliant you are?" she asked.

He couldn't answer her for a long time, so heavy was his laughter. His arm automatically settled around her waist as he rocked sideways, bumping shoulders with her. Raising an arm, he wiped away a tear as he began to breathe again. "Not yet," he said lightly, grinning down at her. "I think you're overdue."

Giggling, Arai leaned her head against his shoulder and looked down into the water. "Ooh," she said softly. "They are not looking terribly peaceful down there..."

The masters' disproving, evil-eyed glare faded from his mind's eye as he was returned to the present by the sound of a passing starship. Dominic's cool green eyes flicked upward to watch it hum across the horizon and then disappear over his head, dropping lower every second until it disappeared into a docking bay. He shook his head rapidly for a second before standing straight again, stepping away from the sea wall he'd been leaning against.

The waves lapped with the same steady rhythm they had all those years ago, when things were still simple, before he had so many questions, before the galaxy went so wrong. On that day, it had been just him and Arai, running together, training together, getting into serious trouble with their masters together. And then the missions pulled her away from the Academy, and their paths diverged in two totally opposite directions.

But she found him again, by some stroke of luck or fate, and now he couldn't get her out of his head. Most of the time, his search for Khristoff kept him successfully distracted...but now that he was left doing nothing as the time until his Kolto order was ready, he had nothing to distract himself, and so she filled his mind again. With a sigh that was a mixture of exhaustion and discouragement, he turned around and decided to hunt down the nearest cantina. A drink would do him good.
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