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Originally Posted by Tzar Sectus View Post
I did notice a few other very minor bugs (had to doubleclick to exit from the woodshop, a few animation glitches in Stan's shop), but it worked just fine.
I don't think those are related to the patch. Is there even a difference at Stan's?
In the woodshop, were someone talking by any chance? I noticed, the engine waits for voice playback to be finished before loading the next room, which is generally a good idea, but can be irritating at times.

One particular animation glitch at Stan's is when Guybrush asks about the coffin and actually points in the other direction. That is no SE bug, though, as it was always there before.
I'm surprised all of the voice acting for easy mode is there. Maybe they removed it since they thought it wouldn't be necessary due to the hint system?
I suspect, they just did it like they did in some previous releases too. The easy mode selection is in a room called "copycrap", which has a terrible messy scripting, probably in order to scare of crackers. They just skipped that room altogether, which is very easy to do. On the other hand, there is a boot parameter for easy mode, which they just could have used, but the SE team probably didn't notice that anyways.
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