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Alvaro simply looked at Nathaniel. The sloop's crew looked far from "disorganized." They may have been a bit hasty, but they certainly didn't look disorganized. It was the British Navy - possibly the most powerful in the world.

"I am simply trying to lure one of the ships away from the others," Alvaro explained to Nathaniel. "Once we do that, we can engage the sloop closest to us. Order everyone to man the cannons, now!" After a few minutes of dodging cannonballs and outmaneuvering the British sloop, Alvaro belived the crew was ready to engage.

"Steady....Steady....FIRE!!!" At Alvaro's order, his ship's cannons roared and shot their projectiles into the British sloop. Alvaro saw men fly like ragdolls and splinters fly everywhere on the opposing ship. Then the sloop returned fire. Alvaro immediately hit the deck and barely avoided a flying splinter.

"Fire, again!" Alvaro called out. His ship returned fire, and even more men on the other side went flying or were split in half.

"Get your weapons out, we're getting ready to board," Alvaro said, hoping the crew could get on the deck in time.

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