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Zen could tell both Juhani and Perdante were upset with what was happening to one of their own. He too knew that feeling of helplessness and how horrible it felt. He did not know this Visas Marr, but she was trusted by Juhani and that was enough for him to take action. He waited a few seconds for everyone else to leave before following. He watched Perdante walk off and bowed his head slightly. She truly was a noble warrior with much potential but she still had much to learn. Zen rounded a corner and made sure no one saw him before turning own his armor's active camouflage feature. The suit made a slight hum to indicate the camo had been activated. He walked back down to the prison level where the Captain was interrogating Visas. As both Juhani and Perdante had come to his aid when he was angered, he would do the same by making sure one of their own was not harmed. Seeing that the Captain was only asking questions, Zen found himself easing up on his guard. He watched the Captain walk out of the room out of the corner of his eye and did not move for a few more seconds. He deactivated his camo to let it recharge, and also assuming she could see him.

"You are a comrade of Grand Master Juhani," he said to her. "I am Zen Zoramee, a Sangheili Warrior, and currently the leader of the Reclaimers. Like you I am a comrade of Juhani. Being her comrade I trust everything you stated is true and this misunderstanding will be worked out shortly."

That was indeed his original intention when he stayed in the area. They were all comrades now and aiding one another was key. It was until Visas spoke of her intentions that Zen was struck with curiosity. She wanted to keep The Prophet of Truth alive? His teachings were all wrong and had only led to death. For that Zen would make sure that Kristoff fell by his blade.

"You say you wish to speak to Kristoff in order to find you comrades? I have no problem in helping you accomplish your task as we are comrades only request is that I can finish him off once you are through with him."
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