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Juhani was trying to calm herself, to rid herself of the anger that she was feeling but she simply couldn't. She didn't even know why she was angry anymore. All she could see was the face of her former master Quatra. The one that she had nearly killed back during her days at the Dantooine academy.

But the academy was gone now. As were nearly all of the Jedi who had resided there during the jedi civil war. The academy had been destroyed by the found and now only the academy on Coruscant remained.

All those lives lost...What have we jedi done to the galaxy to deserve such hatred? We rose to the defense of the Republic time and time again. And yet we are still hated.

Her anger was reaching a breaking point as the walls of her quarters began to creak and groan as the raw force energy she was putting out began to bend the metal. An alarm began to go off.

But Juhani was unaware. It was as if she was stuck in a trance filled with anger and rage of her own making.

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