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Rodians do not blush. Nor do their faces turn pale. Nevertheless, if Targhee Ghut had been human, he would have done the latter. "No!" he squealed, his bulbous black eyes seeming to pop even further out of his head. "Me no can do that. Big-big politician say if reporters come and want to take pictures, then me should summon Big Boss Link and have him smash them good! Uh--of course, me no can do that, either," stammered Targhee. "Me engineer. Me not fighter. Me give you fair-fair deal. How about you no take pictures, but in exchange me burn up all the bad-bad stuff. Okays?" He tried to smile.

"Big-big politician get mad if yous take pictures. She send men in all black to kill Targhee if he tell. Me see them around plant from time to time. Look!" The engineer pointed. "Janitor not janitor. He assassee--uh, kill-kill guy."


"I don't see it as being tied down, necessarily," replied Perdante. "The Jedi Code has helped to calm me--except when dire situations emerge, like the confrontation between the Captain and Visas. I'm ashamed of what I've done, because it's one thing to keep calm when things are going well, and quite another to keep your emotions completely in check during a crisis. I think I'll stay on the Millennial for now, but thanks for the offer!"

She winked at Niera, finding her a very attractive and sensible Twi'lek, despite what Captain Starr thought. Perdante was less than thrilled to imagine what the Captain thought of her. Thus, she took another sip of her juma juice, prudently wanting to stick to one shot instead of several.
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