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Originally Posted by Nikon23 View Post

I have a Problem on NarShadaa. The Red Ecplise enter my ship again after i fought them.
But when i enter the ship there is no captain i can fight against. I just have changed the 1st Savegame by editing the Credits.
I wanted to ask whether anyone else had this problem too or someone knows how to fix it? Maybe you are able to disable the trigger in the savegame?

Hey there Nikon, I am having the exact same problem you have. I did some searching and found this post.

Tupac Amaru
06-23-2006, 03:10 AM
The Visquis message doesn't have happen right after the Eclipse encounter. The Red Eclipse will trigger the first time you return from the Refugee sector. For the Visquis message you need the Red Eclipse encounter and do enough deeds that will annoy or please the Exchange. Once that is fullfilled the message triggers when walking around the Refugee Landing Pad area (it might work in other modules as well). It is likely you simply haven't done enough quests yet to get the attention from the Exchange. Kaalah-Nah, the bat guy in the entertainment promenade, can help you with that, for some credits.

In case you have done all quests and paid Kaalah-Nah, download the Kotor Savegame Editor (, make sure the following variables are set and change them if neccessary:
Under Globals -> Numerics:
-> 300NAR_Exchange_Gap: must be 8 or higher (got enough attention from the Exchange)
-> 302NAR_Entered: must be 1 (visited the Refugee Quad)
-> 303NAR_Entered: must be 1 (visited the Docks)

Under Quests -> Landing Rights: quest state must be either 90 or 91. (resolved the Red Eclipse takeover)

As mentioned, you get the Visquis message by walking around the Refugee Landing Pad. You don't have to enter the Ebon Hawk again. It shouldn't take more than a few seconds.

If this still fails, go to Globals -> Booleans -> 300NAR_Visquis_Call: This should still be 'no'. Set it to 'yes' and the game should behave as if you had received the invitation from Visquis.
I'm going to try it now, and if it works I'll be sure to edit my post .


It didn't work for me. I've tried ever combination of the above with KSE, but I can seem to get the Ebon Hawk back to normal. Its still as if The Red Eclipse are attacking...except no one is inside! I am using the Restored Content Mod, do you guys think that may have had something to do with it? If you guys have any advice on how to get past this problem without starting over, I'd love it hear it .

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