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The Return to Dantooine and The Search for Survivors

Greetings, modding community!

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the development of my first mod, in collaboration with Centenar and the rest of Team Dantooine:

The Return To Dantooine and the Search for Survivors.

First some background.
Dantooine. A planet of farmers and simple-minded folk. A place of strength, and the location of a Jedi Enclave complete with a Jedi Council.

During the JEDI CIVIL WAR, it was bombed on orders from the sinister DARTH MALAK, by his flag ship the LEVIATHAN shortly before capturing the EBON HAWK.

Despite this surprise attack, the planet wasn't destroyed completely. The settlers that survived emerged from their shelters to find the Jedi Enclave bombed and deserted. Immediately, everyone wanted to blame the Jedi. However, a young woman, Terena Adare, knew that the Jedi had done so much for them, and began to speak out against those who hated the Jedi.

Meanwhile, aboard the Leviathan, the Jedi Revan learns of his or her past life as a Sith Lord.

However, rather than simply destroying the entire planet, the Sith occupied the planet and opressed the farmers in much the same way they did to the citizens of Taris before they bombed the city. After the learning of the destruction of the Enclave, and the shocking revelation on the Leviathan, the Jedi Revan, wanting to redeem himself, decides to travel to Dantooine to try to help anyone s/he can. Landing on a grassy plain, so as not to draw attention to him or herself, s/he sets out to find the survivors, and try to drive the Sith off the planet...or aid them in their campaign of oppression

for my reasoning behind including the sith, see this article

This modification will feature (tentatively):

Dantooine restored as a vistable planet post-Leviathan, with new quests and NPCs used as a way to remind LS Jedi Revan of the horrors his own empire unleashed. (or, alternatively, as a way for DS Jedi Revan to further his journey back to the Dark Side)
Three "Acts," with seamless transitions.
  1. Arriving on Dantooine and forming a plan;
  2. Searching the surface
  3. Arriving at Khoonda (Matale Estate) and the (non-canonical) first Battle of Khoonda Plains
New characters to meet and interact with:
  1. A young Terena Adare, who you can encourage to step up as a leader (which would explain her love and respect for the Jedi, and her recognition of the Ebon Hawk)
  2. various Jedi that survived the bombs, explaining how the Jedi on the Star Forge suddenly appeared. (the live ones)
  3. a young Kaevee, explaining her appearance (or, actually, non-appearance (thank you LucasArts...) in the Jedi enclave five years later
The return of several other characters:
  1. Jon
  2. Gar
  3. Other characters from the Pre-Leviathan Dantooine
New areas to explore:
  1. Grassy plains (landing zone; reskinned Unknown World Central Beach)
  2. Sith Base Grounds/Sith Base (using a reskin of Sandral Estate interior, occupied by the Sith and one of the locations of the Battle of Khoonda Plains
  3. Destroyed/Damaged Jedi Enclave (reskinned Enclave, with rubble/fire everywhere, along with Sith scavenging the wreckage and treasures to be found)
  4. Matale Grounds, with Matale Estate and Estate interior (reskin of Sandral Estate interior), with Survivors taking refuge there
Fully voiced survivors with new dialog lines, expanding on the stories of Jon, Gar, and some other KotOR Dantooine settlers
Dark side and Light side conclusions to the quests and the planet as a whole (in the same vein as KOTOR2, if you take the Dark Side approach and kill the Jedi/Survivors the planet will suffer, but if you spare them then the future of the planet is determined to be 'happier'

Potential Content:
New Items:
  1. a few Custom Lightsabers used by the Jedi survivors with good, but not extremely high, bonuses
  2. a few Custom Robes worn by the Jedi Survivors, with good, but not extremely high, bonuses

Content Poll: Links to the articles
Vandar Tokare
Zhar Lestin
Deesra Luur Jada
Elise Montagne
Thalia May
Kel Algwinn
Dustil Onasi
Yuthura Ban

Centenar-Item/Character creation
Logan23-Module reskinner

Still needed-area modelers/reskinners; scripters

Voice Actors will be needed eventually. Character names are forthcoming, but to start with:

Release date:

Terena Adare: (younger, not the KotOR II version): Following the bombardment of the planet, a Young Terena Adare gathered support. With the aid of the Jedi Revan, she brought the settlers together to form Khoonda, the loose government seen by the Jedi Exile five years later. Vrook Lamar, having survived the bombardment, stayed to aid the settlers from afar even after Revan left to defeat Malak and save Republic.
Vrook Lamar: Jedi Master, member of the Dantooine Jedi Council until the final weeks of the Jedi Civil War. When Dantooine fell, he stayed to help the settlers that avoided death from the bombs. He was eventually forced to take refuge in the Enclave Sublevels, and was eventually captured by mercenaries intent on selling him to the exchange.

parties interested in voicing one of these characters should send me a PM at a later date. Parties interested in contributing their skills to this mod, please post here with your area of expertise.

These screenies are present lower in the thread, but for the purpose of convenience I will add them here. Credit goes to Logan23 for supplying them

Originally Posted by logan23 View Post

I talked to Darth_Calo and I will be helping with this mod in the area of re-skinning Dantoonie's module.

Here are some quick early re-skin samples. Not all the skins have been altered at this moment but i thought it would be great to show you guys where the team is going with them.

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

I still have the floor and other areas to tweak before this is done.

Please give any feedback,



Project Status: Delayed

**NOTE: if it wasn't obvious, this mod is based on a "what-if" scenario exploring what could have happened if Revan returned to Dantooine following his escape from the Leviathan**

Note - this mod project will be reduced significantly in size. it will be complete and provide a satisfying story but will be open-ended enough for a potential sequel down the road if response is positive enough. despite the apparent lack of progress on this mod it is not cancelled. as before Release date is

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