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The walls continued to creak and groan as they were bent beyond their limits as Juhani continued to focus on her anger and hatred. The sith may have always tried to destroy the Jedi, but at least they respected us as opponets. Fighting a jedi was considered a worthy challenge.

The door to her quarters began to bend as the anger she was feeling intensified as an alarm outside in the corridor began to blare.

The door finally bent beyond it's limits and fell off it's hinges as Juhani's thoughts turned to that of the Twi'lek. How dare that...that schutta bring such an indecent proposal to Visas! And she escaped punishment when punishment was due!

A massive wave of force energy finally exploded from her body as her anger reached the breaking point. Her bag of supplies was sent flying and the walls shuddered under the force of the wave.
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