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Originally Posted by Yatsookey View Post
Interesting concept, looking forward to seeing the results.
why thank you!

Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
Sounds cool.

Just a few tips .

Since you guys will be doing the scripting yourself and will be learning as you go i would make a list of what is the lowest amount of content for a release meaning things like a recruiting new party member is not the most important while having the modules work and re-skinned with all the placeables and npcs along with the main quest working is the main focus. Once that's done you can add more layers of the new recruit option and other ideas expressed in your thread.

The reason you want to look at the lowest amount/level for a release is so you don't get bogged down with things that are cool and add something special but will add a good number of production time and take your focus off the main quest and getting it working.

Basically work on making the cake and not the icing.
I say this since many mods have started with icing and end up with nothing playable after a few months when they could have 2 modules ingame.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Happy Modding!

I appreciate the positive feedback! The new party member is a low priority. As of now, the most important items are the modules (primarily the plains/enclave), and the implementation. The "icing" as you called it (great metaphor btw) will be saved for a potential update if the mod is well recieved by the general public. as of now, only the rudimentary pieces of the landing area are included. Screenshots to follow...and I will keep your advice in mind.

Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
You've just begun work on the mod that I've wanted made since I played through KotOR the first time in 2007. I hope very much that you succeed.
Oh, so do I. I am glad I'm not the only one that wanted this.

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