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Originally Posted by Deadshot#1 View Post
What do you do in this club? And most importantly is there a cost?!?! hope i didn't sound rude or anything. i just want some more details.
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No, this club doen't cost anything for you or anyone else to join.

RGF is a club in a large gaming community or over 1000 players, which support various games.

As I posted we support SW:Battle Front , SW:Jedi Knight Series games.

As for what we do, We have internal & external club events. Usually biweekly or monthly.

We run things in a semi-formal military system were you can move up the ranks from an enlisted member to up to a general etc....

We use a website to keep track of events , stats , reporting of games played Etc...

I think you will find there should be somethings that you will come to like

If you want & you use xfire add me sithspawnx .

Thank You
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