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Perdante heard Juhani's desperate cry through the Force. With every ounce of her iron will and power of concentration, she sent gentle waves of love and understanding toward her trainer. Your mind is full of hate. Let it go. Let utter calm encompass you...Breathe with me...There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge. There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no chaos; there is harmony. There is no death; there is the Force.

She felt Juhani's lethal anger begin to subside, although just the tiniest bit. She would have made a wonderful Sith, Perdy thought for a moment, and then, So would I have, but since she brought me back, it is my duty and my sacred calling to bring her back to the Light as well. If I don't at least try, then what good am I as a Jedi Knight and servant of the Force?


Immobilized, but not yet terrified, the assassin stared Garren Shain squarely in the eye and breathed heavily. Nerves of steel, Karu. Nerves of steel...

Hired killers of his caliber were almost never expected to come back from their missions alive, especially if their targets managed to gain the advantage over them. Karu knew he was supposed to be good--far, FAR better than this--and he decided he would rather die by his own hand than by Plina Skelch's. Yes, she was a staunch advocate of the right to own any sort of weapon one wished to, permit or no permit. Regulations only got in the way. Besides, if a thief or robber was out to get you, why not be armed beforehand? Thus, Karu smiled slowly and bit down on his hollowed-out back left molar, which contained a capsule of molten ostanovium-- instant death. In order to be non-lethal in seconds, the capsule had to contain powder, not liquid.

Karu convulsed violently, dry-heaving, and then fell lifeless to the plant floor.
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