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Sal had been about to comment on the Jedi's sudden flight when another woman caught his attention; and when she did, his face paled. She'd seen him, too.

"Salvatore!" cried the voice of Captain Fara Starr. She stepped into the mess hall to get herself a drink, and was met with this instead! First the Jedi, now Sal...what next? Was the entire engine crew going to decide to go on strike??

"Were you ever given leave from your post??" She demanded, her heels clicking loudly against the durasteel floor.

"N-No, ma'am, but you see--"

"There are no buts, soldier! You were given strict orders to stay right where you were - and I don't believe that there's any room for interpretation in those orders, is there?"

His dejected affirmation was drowned out by a sudden alarm that made both start. Fara whipped out her datapad...and paled when she saw the source of the alarm. She looked up at Salvatore. "The Jedi." She breathed. And just like that, they were bolting off.

When both came to stop in front of Juhani's room with three other security personnel, the commotion had finished...leaving the walls of Juhani's private dorm warped, and her door thrown completely off its tracks and left three feet away in the corridor. Fara didn't pretend to know what happened, and she didn't bother to ask. Her jaw was tight with temper, her eyes narrowed at the two Jedi.

"This is the last time I take any of /their/ kind on my ship." She snarled, and with a final glare that seemed to hover on Perdante for a moment, she turned on her heel and left, leaving a mystified group of men behind her.
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