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Okay, I've followed all of the instructions in the bold post TWICE. Here's what happens: I get in, I create a character, I watch the opening movie (this all goes off without a hitch), then the movie ends, I see the mouse cursor, and I hear a droid squealing. Then, Boom!, Kotor2 has stopped working. I've turned all the graphical options to their lowest settings, and turned the anisotrophic doohicky both off and on.

Is this cause I have an Intel Graphics Chip? I've got it changed to blit. Is there ANY way I could get KOTOR2 running on here? Kotor 1 ran fine. It crashed every now and then and I had to turn off the grass option, but otherwise it worked great.

ETA: I didn't even configure my Vista PC to run Kotor 1 and I didn't have any significant problems other than the dantooine lag problem which, as I said, I mainly solved by turning off grass.
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