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"This is the last time I take any of /their/ kind on my ship."

Juhani sighed heavily and began using the force to move the walls back to their original positions. It wasn't hard work but it was taking a bit of concentration to get the dents out of the wall.

"It looks like this time it was my fault apprentice." She said sadly as she lifted up the door with the force and began to hold it directly on it's hinges as she reached for her supply bag and pulled out a few bolts as she continued working on the door.

"It was like your rage had utterly taken you over. You were a fountain, spewing out fury and hatred, and I could barely stop it."

"It's that Twi'lek." Juhani growled as she finally managed to get the door back on it's hinges and then turned her attention to the few remaining dents on the wall. "There's something about her that unleashes my darkside. I was furious at her for making such comments to Visas. Add that to the fact that she offered to hide visas and was not punished."

The dents in the wall vanished, leaving the room looking like it was before the explosion of force energy. The only thing that looked out of place was the various items strewn all over the floor.

She looked over the room and smiled slightly. "At least the captain can't complain about the room anymore. But for a while I suggest that we lay low and simply stay out of her way. She is angry at both of us right now."
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