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To Mend and Defend
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Miracle Metals, Coruscant

"Damn." Garren said as he watched the assassin die. Then, he turned to the rodian. "Now that he's sorted out, the gloves are off. I'm helping the Republic take down Senator Skelch, and I need ALL the help I can get."

Aboard the Millennial

Niera followed Perdante to Juhani's quarters, feeling that the outburst was at least partially her fault. As she entered, she immediately braced herself.

"Before you lash out at me, let me speak." She said to Juhani. "I know we got off on the wrong foot, but we have to work together, and that's going to be impossible if we're at eachother's throats. I was probably wrong to accuse Visas of being a stowaway and then invite her back to my quarters, and I recognise that we're both at fault here, but it would be best to put our differences behind us. Can we agree on that?"

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