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"I know we got off on the wrong foot, but we have to work together, and that's going to be impossible if we're at eachother's throats. I was probably wrong to accuse Visas of being a stowaway and then invite her back to my quarters, and I recognise that we're both at fault here, but it would be best to put our differences behind us. Can we agree on that?"

Juhani thought for a moment and then bowed. "I feel I must apologize as well. My anger was unjustified, but you must understand: There are so few of the jedi left and I am responsible for so many of them and I love each and everyone of the them like one of my own children. To see one of them approached like that...and your..."offer" set off my temper.

"As of now our differeces are behind us." she said.
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