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Originally Posted by logan23 View Post
Download frapps for ingame video recording and screen shots. Very useful:-)

I was thinking you can always have another opportunity to kill juhani. You can have her turn to the darkside seeing her former master Quatra killed.

With the characters from issue is what if korribian is the last planet to vist them you can not do anything to them if they are there. If you want one or a few of them to appear then have it only if Korribian was finished.
That's a good point on the Korriban characters, and a good idea for Juhani

As for Juhani...I always kill her anyway, but that would be a good idea. you return to Dantooine and tell her, that she'll spend eternity laying in the plains blah blah blah Revan is Reborn!

As for the Korriban characters: that's true. I will pass this along to the scripters...have them appear only if Korriban is finished. Although you could always go to Dantooine after all the Star Maps, and then move to the Star Forge? that's a good work around in terms of that, have it open up after all the Star Maps as an "Unfinished business" type thing.

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