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Targhee Ghut sighed. "Look, please. Big-big politician the only reason this place is still open. She pay lots of creds so we can have jobs--even me. All of us on borrowed time. If we not do what politician say, we no have jobs anymore. Still, she NASTY and sends kill-kill guys to the plant to take out nosy visitors. That mean! She give us contracts that use big-big words that we not understand. Maybe you should take look." Targhee motioned for Garren to follow him to his office, with a door labeled WASTE DISPOSAL MANAGEMENT HQ. The Rodian removed his own contract from the middle drawer of his desk. "Looky here. Targhee make you another deal: If you can understand contract and tell me what it really says, then Targhee help you."


Perdante sighed and left for the Training Room on the ship. She needed to practice her lightsaber forms, and she was just beginning to learn the basics of the Juyo, or Ferocity form. It was very difficult, and as she practiced, she felt her confidence and self-esteem slowly returning. Captain Starr may not trust me because of what I did, but I'm going to try and set things right. She's wary of the Jedi--as she should be, considering how Juhani and I acted. When we get to Nar Shaddaa, I hope to be allowed on the mission to try and find out if this Khristoff is preaching his 'Truth' planetside. If I'm barred from the mission, however, it's nothing more than I deserve.
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