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As soon as the ship was close enough, Alvaro stepped aboard, stabbed a navy personnel with a gun pointed in his direction, then sliced another navy soldier across the chest after engaging in a brief sword duel, and then shot another soldier running towards him. Alvaro looked around the ship, and seeing how most of the other crew was dead, dying, or wounded, he sheathed his rapier. Looking around, he caught a glimpse of John and Blaze going below deck - possibly to loot something, or blow the ship up. This suddenly gave Alvaro an idea. He walked down to the hold where the other two were.

"John, Blaze, I have a plan - we can send this ship toward the other two sloops that are following us, except that the powder kegs will be lit while this ship is going toward the other two. If we light a long enough fuse, and send it towards the other two perfectly, we can blow them out of the sea. Do you believe this is possible?"

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