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"Of course." Perdante bowed to Salvatore with a smile. "It's always more effective to practice the lightsaber forms with an actual opponent, even if said opponent is not wielding a saber himself. In fact, with your using a vibroblade, it's actually better. If I'm going to fight against Khristoff and defeat him, and Khristoff doesn't use the Force, then I'd better know how to best him in melee combat. I'm trying to learn Form VII, or Juyo. Otherwise known as Ferocity, this one is the hardest form to learn. The object is to overwhelm your opponent quickly, and it's used best in duels."

As she ignited her twin silver sabers, the Jedi continued, "Maybe this way I'll actually earn Captain Starr's trust again. Right now, she hates me, as well she might. I drew my weapons on her, and I won't be surprised if she drops me off on Nar Shaddaa and leaves me there once we find the target of our inquiry. If we do, it's going to take a lot to hold me back from fighting him right there."
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