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"I...I..." Finding herself blushing fifteen shades of red, she cleared her throat and answered, "No. This is sparring. Training. Jedi are supposed to train every day. If we don't practice, then we fall out of practice, and we can't afford to do that." She stepped out of Salvatore's arms, feeling a fractional twinge of regret. "Seriously. If I allow myself to get distracted in any way, then when the fight against Khristoff comes, I won't be prepared. Let's try again, shall we?" She poised herself into the beginning aggressive stance of the Ferocity form.


All of a sudden, the holonet news on the set that Targhee Ghut kept in his office showed a stomach-churning scene. Hundreds of people were being shown all over Coruscant--in private homes, in workplaces, in cantinas, and even in temples. All of them were glassy-eyed, cold, and irrevocably dead.

"This is an alert to all citizens of Coruscant," the anchor intoned. "Do not drink any municipal water if you live in the areas of..." She rattled off a list of districts that was as long as a Hutt's tongue. "It has been lethally contaminated with the metal ostanovium in its molten form. I repeat: DO NOT DRINK ANY MUNICIPAL WATER. THIS IS AN ORDER, effective immediately. Buy purified water anywhere you can. Do not panic. Stay tuned for more updates on this story, and please keep hydrated with other fluids."

Targhee Ghut knelt and squealed, beginning to choke himself in a fit of horrified guilt.

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